Friday, July 29, 2011

Dark Pools

The liquid pool slowly gained momentum, growing outwards to cover any signs that ground once existed beneath.  Blood and water, mixing together in a lover's embrace.  I always loved how the blood could empty from a body in a matter of seconds; or made to last for months.  Personally, I preferred the extended version.  Thus my present situation.

I did love the taste of blood. A little strong when pure, water from beneath the mountain made it so much more delicious. The mountain had fed of the blood of my people for thousands of years.  The shamans say the water is filtered through the souls of my ancestors. 
Each kill is sacred in giving back to the bowels of the beast.  Keeping the soul from leaving the body keeps the blood at its freshest; but the key was keeping the soul at the edge between life and death. Here was where I got my magic; and made it more powerful than my brothers. The thought brought a rare chuckle, remembering how furious,  to this day, my brothers got trying to discover my secret. You'd think it was they key to everlasting life. Ok, maybe it was in its own way; but that's for another time. Now it was time to feed.

My contraption was built by my ancestors, specifically my bloodline. It's secrets a closely guarded secret among my family. The victim could be sat comfortably in the chair and our delicate work performed without worry of the victim escaping or thrashing about. The bowl-like impression below caught every sacred drop of blood until reaching a designated volume. At this point a lever activated the water from the mountain, still warm as it filtered through the lava rocks that made up the belly of the beast. The two combined in perfect harmony, reaching perfection than releasing into the polished steel goblet below. The ritual's key element was complete.

To complete the invocation, the remaining items were removed from their hidden niches beneath the chair and placed within the ash circle I created around the altar.

**In Progress**

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